Friday, June 4, 2010

RTI on construction of harvesting pits in GHMC

Dear All,

Water sustains life.It is now our duty to sustain all sources of water. It is high time that we collectively address the problem of water shortage and make water conservation a global mission. In this regard,Understanding the raising importance of this activity, we, as a team, making sure that GHMC is implementing the WALTA(Water, land and Tree) act properly, which expects each house constructed in area more than 200 yards space, to have a harvesting pit. Complete details about the event, purpose, advantages below.

Event : Rain water harvesting, Construction of harvesting pits.

What is Rain Water Harvesting :Conservation of roof top rain water in urban housing complexes and institutional buildings having larger area and utilizing the same to augment ground water storage, existing wells, tube wells etc is known as rain water harvesting.

Purpose : To make sure that each house which is constructed in more than 200 yards area, contains a harvesting pit.

Current Issues :
  1. Ecological imbalance.
  2. Decline in levels of ground water in Hyderabad.
  3. Majority of people are not aware of WALTA Act.
  4. Even though GHMC is collecting the money, it is not being used for the construction of harvesting pits.
  5. 98% of rain water goes waste into drainage without entering into ground, as there are no harvesting pits.
Advantages :
  1. To meet over the increasing demand for water in urban area.
  2. To reduce the run off which is increasing the load on storm drains.
  3. To avoid the damage to roads by preventing erosion.
  4. To augment the ground water storage and to control decline of water level.
  5. To improve the quality of ground water .
  6. To reduce the soil erosion.
  7. Rain water can be used efficiently.
  8. To improve the quality of existing ground water through dilution. since rain water is bacteriologically safe and free from organic matters and is soft in nature.
  9. Utilization of taxes collected for the purpose of Harvesting pits
RTIs Applied in this regard :

This RTI has been filed to know the information of the amount paid and harvesting pits constructed in Himayath Nagar area. Along with this RTI, sample RTI has also been attached to make it easy for others to file in their respective area.

Please download RTI filed for Himayath Nagar Area and Model RTI here

Please join us in these activities and let us all work for the betterment of society that we all dream of, every minute and every day.

Loksatta Sanjeevani
Striving for success without hardwork is like trying to harvest where you have not planted..!

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