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Success story of RTI - Raghavendra Infosys

Please find below the success story of Raghavendra, who fought with GHMC using RTI, since he was not getting yearly house tax. Please read till the end to know how he bacame successful in this regard. We appreciate Raghavendra for his efforts and his sincerity. If any of you are facing the same problem and looking for some help, please do write to us at  :  or

Presenting below, the complete details, in his own words .
Hi All,

I want to share my RTI success story which I filed to deputy commissioner GHMC regarding of not getting yearly house tax.

I raised a complaint to Deputy Commissioner GMHC on 2nd Aug 2008 stating that we are not getting yearly house tax and I am submitting required copies of registration papers of house and Please guide us so that we get house tax every year regularly.

I visited GMHC office literally 5-6 times before and after raising the complaint, there was no proper response from any official.

After I raised the complaint it got redirected to our area bill collector, The bill collector and the concerned tax inspector were in no mood to tell me the complete process involved in getting the tax.

If they tell us the proper procedure their importance will be gone and most importantly their alternate source of income will go for a toss may be main source of income.

They mention that document is not there this is not there and finally even after providing them all the require documents there is no progress.

At last I was able to know the reason for not getting tax, it is because our house number got deleted from their online data base.If I was ready to pay few hundreds my work would have been done in no time, they read my intention so my application was not moving forward.

This experience reminded me of serial Office Office(pankaj kapur starrer used to come in SAB TV) :).

Finally I got with busy with my own work and forgot the whole issue.

On 15th Mar 2010, I filed an RTI to Deputy Commissioner GMHC attaching the complaint I made on 2nd Aug 2008 requesting for the below information through registered post(it cost me 36 rs).

"Please send me the copies of documents regarding the actions taken by you on my complaint from the date of the complaint made"

A week later, the bill collector was at my door steps asking me sir why you have raised the complaint you would have called me once, I would have solved your problem. I told him I didn’t raise the complaint I just asked for the information he replied its more than a complaint for him now.

Later he requested me to cooperate and give him couple of days for the request to get completed.

Yesterday we received the documents by hand at our home related to the ID generation for paying the tax.

This time I didn’t even stepped out of my house, just filed an RTI that shows the power of RTI.

Couple of points to be noted:
  1. If we are not getting proper response from any official let’s ask them to put the same on a paper and give it to us, we should not accept anything in oral.
  2. We can complain the same to higher authority still no response, file an RTI, RTI really Works.
Complaint and RTI filed for your reference.

Thanks to Raghavendra again for providing the same RTI and also the complaint.

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