Friday, June 4, 2010

MGBS-Bus stand activity -Update

After all our efforts, it is only the results that keep us going.At the end of a tired day at work, it is only a fight won against the evil forces, that can bring a smile back on our face.

Remember the mail we have sent to you few days back regarding the work we have done in bus stations to get all the shops registered ?We are amused to see the results today.

As informed in our earlier mail, there were JUST 2 shops that were registered for the past 16 years.When Loksatta Saroornagar CHC stepped ahead and filed RTIs and took part in the event, the response was quite ok.

However, as per the latest update we have got from the Labour department, a total of SIXTY ONE (61) shops are registered ones now. I have uploaded, the list of shops which got registered with Labour department here.

Once that is done, filing RTI on implementation of labour act and payment of sales tax is on our cards.

Main motive of this team is to bring awareness and to spread the right news to every body.

We hope that atleast some of you will be inspired to file RTIs in your localities to do your part for the society. and Remember, we are here to help you!

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