Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not getting scholarship money? Use RTI power!

Text: Santoshi Pattem

Mr. Satish Kumar is a student who qualifies for a ST academic scholarship. He had not been receiving any money from the scholarship for the past 2 years and decided to get help. He approached Lok Satta Sanjeevani for advice and filed an RTI appeal to the ST scholarship office (RR District). 30 days after filing the initial appeal and not receiving any response, the Sanjeevani team filed another appeal to the appellant authority. After waiting for another 30 days, the team decided to pursue the matter with the Andhra Pradesh Information Commission and drafted an appeal for the same.

Before they could file that appeal, Mr. Satish received a call from the ST scholarship office asking him to visit them. They promised to send the 1st year’s scholarship amount within 5 days and the 2nd year’s scholarship in 30 days, as the file was pending with the treasury office. They requested him to withdraw his RTI appeal and provide the assurance in writing. Mr. Satish was very happy that he had received a response to his issue and thanked the Sanjeevani team in helping him with his matter. Sanjeevani considers this a partial success and will pursue this matter to the final conclusion - getting the full scholarship amount.

An important lesson from this case that Sanjeevani would like to share with all RTI applicants is this: never mention the phone number in the RTI application. Information conveyed over phone is effectively under wraps. Without the phone number, the responsible department or PIO will be compelled to provide their response in writing which could be used in pursuing the matter further.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RTI sessions by Sanjeevani

Text : Chamarthi Srinivasa Sai

There is wide spread misconception among a larger section of people of India that it requires bags of money in the form of corruption to get any work done from a Government Office. Now the time has come to change the prevailing misconception and also to guide the public, who have chosen the short cut way of corrupt practice to get their work done early and out of turn.

The Government of India has enacted the Right to Information Act, making it clear to the citizens of India that they no longer need to bear the inordinate delays in the Government/Public Offices and bear with all the decisions taken in offices under the guise of secrecy. According to the newly enacted Act, the Govt. has provided a right to know the reasons for delay and the fate of a paper in the office from time to time. It is obligatory on the part of any Govt./Public office to provide the information asked for to the citizens of India on demand without verifying by whom was the information asked and whether it is related to him. Any citizen of India has got a right to seek the information from any public office. To spread the essence of this Act to one and all "Loksatta Sanjeevani" has come forward.


It is already five years since the Act has come into force. It is rather doubtful to what extent the Act has succeeded in attaining the desired goals. The citizens are still tolerant to bear with the delays being caused in public offices and they have not risen to the level of questioning the officials for delays, which come to light by virtue of this Act. Now the basic aim of Loksatta Sanjeevani is to bring the people out of the stage of "sitting quiet and keep cursing that corruption in this country is increasing day by day in geometric progression". It also aims to create awareness on RTI Act and thereby make the people understand that solutions to many problems they come across in day to day life are in their own hands only.

Loksatta Sanjeevani strongly believes that when the people learn to question without being unduly patient for any solution to come, they can definitely form a foundation for a responsible, non-corrupt society where nepotism disappears automatically. Once corruption and nepotism are eliminated from the society, India will definitely race on the road of development and prosperity with jet speed.

As a part of awareness campaign, Loksatta Sanjeevani conducts regular Seminars.


In the Seminars, persons with complete knowledge on the Act are available. The aim and objectives of the Act and how it is useful to common individuals will be explained to the participants. Similarly, how to make an application for information, the details of officials to be contacted, who receives applications in public offices, the appellate officials and the formalities to be observed will be explained in detail. The limits of the Act, the limitations of information that can be sought and the steps to be taken in case of non-receipt of information will also be explained in detail. The problems faced, if any, will also be discussed and appropriate remedial action will be suggested. For the benefit of participants, a demonstration will be given.

Till now nearly 2000 students from different schools and colleges have attended these seminars. The participants have unanimously opined that the increasing trend in corruption is due to lack of transparency and lack of accountability in govt and public offices. Many students have also expressed that they are not fully aware of the details of the Act and requested for organizing more seminars of this kind.

Lakshmi, a student, during one of the seminars had informed that the officials are delaying the issuing of her caste certificate. She has come forward to convince her parents and get the certificate duly utilizing the provisions of this act without resorting to the traditional approach of bribing the official. Loksatta Sanjeevani appreciates Ms. Lakshmi and expects many more girls and boys to follow her. Even a journey of thousand miles must start with a single step. Such incidents really boost up the morale and make Loksatta Sanjeevani move forward with more vigor.


So far, Sanjeevani has organized Seminars at the following colleges/public places for the benefit of students and others, who are interested in the Act.

Sri Indu Engineering College, Hyd.

Praagathi Degree College, Hyd.

Chaitanya Bharathi Engg. College, Hyd.

Anne Besant College, Hyd.

Vijetha Degree College, Hyd.

Vignanna Bharathi IT College, Hyd.


St. Joseph Church, Hyd.


Sri B. Sambireddy has extended full cooperation in organizing the Seminars at Kukatpally. But for his commitment and dedicated work, these Seminars would not be so successful. He has meticulously planned to get the permissions from the colleges to organize the Seminars and mobilized the students and other participants and ensured the conduct of Seminars as per the schedule without any deviation.

For the Seminar organized by CBIT students, Mr. Abdul Azeez was invited to explain the provisions of RTI Act. The students have taken every care and interest to make the programmee a grand success to create awareness among the participants on the contents of RTI Act. Their efforts really need appreciation and Sanjeevani expects many more students from other colleges to follow their path in spreading the RTI Act to the nook and corner of our state and country.


Sanjeevani has already trained some volunteers on this Act. It is now proposed to identify some more interested volunteers and train them on the Act to enable them to spread the Act.

Sanjeevani is now ready to depute their volunteers to give lectures on the contents of this Act. For this purpose, if any group comes forward to conduct a seminar with a feasible group of not less than 100 and communicate their intention to Sanjeevani, a date will be fixed preferably on Saturdays or Sundays with mutual consent, on which date the volunteers of Sanjeevani will be deputed to the Seminar, who will explain the Act and they will also be in a position to clarify any doubts.

If some volunteers come forward from any College/school/voluntary organization, Sanjeevani will be happy to give them training on this Act, so that they can, in turn, conduct Seminars and spread the contents of the Act to one and all.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sanjeevani meets the future of Vizag!

Sanjeevani activists conducted a RTI awareness session in Vishakapatnam on March 6, 2011.

A group of bright and progressive minded youngsters from Vizag had been reading about the potential and successes of RTI on this blog. They contacted Sanjeevani with a request to conduct an awareness session for the benefit of similarly oriented students in Vizag. Once the team gladly agreed for the same, they - Ram Sasidhar, Sharma, Chaitanya, Ajit, Kiran and Prasad - organized and coordinated the whole event by themselves.

The focus of the session was on the power of RTI and how it can be used by all citizens. The 2 hour session was attended by 50 students of several educational institutions - St. Joseph College for Women, Gayatri Vidya Parishad, Gitam, Andhra University, Vignan, Al Ameer and Krishna college. There was also a brief discussion on electoral reforms necessary for corruption-free and crime-free politics. Sanjeevani activists, Abdul Azeez Shaik and Election Reddy, were impressed and energized by the level of interest and enthusiasm shown by the future leaders of Vizag. Overall, it should be said that the girls outshone the boys in participation. Some photographs from the event are below.

The Sanjeevani team wishes the youth of Vizag great success in using RTI and empowering others with this potent weapon. In the coming months, Sanjeevani will be expanding operations to serve more people in the districts. We are very excited about the upcoming projects and look forward to sharing the details with you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Applicants for the post of State Information Commissioners in APIC

We have filed a RTI to know the names of the applications who have applied for the post of State Information Commissioners in APIC. Please find below the reply from Govt of AP


Name & Designation

Smt. Asha .Murthy, IAS,(Retd.)

Sri K. Tuljanand Singh

Smt. V.N.L.Sailaja,

Sri M.Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy,

Sri G. Narendranath, IAS (Retd.)

Smt. Duvvuri .Sailendra,

 Sri G.N.Rao, I.A.S. (Retd.)

Sri K. Sahadeva Reddy,

Sri Srinivas Madhav

Sri P. Sundara Kumar, IAS (Retd.)

Sri Madhav Vishnu Bhatta,

Sri G. Ramanarayana Reddy, IAS (Retd.)

Sri V. Gangadhar Rao, 

Sri S. Sivaram,

Sri Ch. Narendra

Sri D. Chakra Pani, IAS

 Sri C.Chandra sekhar

Sri K.Mangapathi Rao, IAS (Retd)

Sri S. Ramananda Swamy

Sri Varre Venkateshwarlu

 Sri G. Gopi Krishna Chaithanya

Sri T.Sundara Ramaiah

 Sri T. Suresh Kumar

 Sri R.R.Girish Kumar, IPS(Retd)

Sri K.Shiva Prasad

Sri C.R.Gowri Shanker

Sri Kopalle Phani Kumar

Sri D.R.Garg, IAS


Sri M.Surya Naik (ST)

Sri Koneti Rangaiah

Sri Nadimpally Seetha Rama Raju

Sri Kadempalli Venugopal

Sri Kommineni Vikas

Sri K.Surya

Sri Nune Srinivasa Rao

Sri V.Raghunath Rao

Sri Prem Prakash Jauhari

Sri Chava Srinivas

Sri P.Dattaram Khatri

Sri P.R.Subas Chandran

Sri P.Vijaya Babu

Sri V.R.K.Mohan Rao, IPS

Sri Prasanna Kumar . S

Sri A.M.Lakshmi Narasimha Rao

Sri N.P.Ramakrishna Reddy

Prof. P.L.Vishweshwar Rao

Sri M.Maruti Prasad

Sri K.V.Kishan Rao

Sri Suresh Kumar. A

B. Rama krishnam Raju

Sri Muppalla Subba Rao

Sri Prasannakumar Reddy. Somu.

Sri M.Shabbir Ahmed

Mrs.Mahpara Ali

M.Bhaskar, IPS

Sri Kandregula Venkataramana

Karthik Chandra

Sri K.S.Rao, IFS (Retd.)

Dr.V.Rukmini Rao


Sri Mandadi Chalapati Rao

Sri Sanyasi Rao

Sri Komireddy Ramulu,

Sri T.J.P.S.Vardhan

Sri Kalluru Harinadha Reddy

Sri A.R.Reddy, IRS

Sri S.Prabhakar Reddy, IPS (Retd.)

Dr.B.Madhusudhan Reddy

Lets hope that the best will be selected.