Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sanjeevani meets the future of Vizag!

Sanjeevani activists conducted a RTI awareness session in Vishakapatnam on March 6, 2011.

A group of bright and progressive minded youngsters from Vizag had been reading about the potential and successes of RTI on this blog. They contacted Sanjeevani with a request to conduct an awareness session for the benefit of similarly oriented students in Vizag. Once the team gladly agreed for the same, they - Ram Sasidhar, Sharma, Chaitanya, Ajit, Kiran and Prasad - organized and coordinated the whole event by themselves.

The focus of the session was on the power of RTI and how it can be used by all citizens. The 2 hour session was attended by 50 students of several educational institutions - St. Joseph College for Women, Gayatri Vidya Parishad, Gitam, Andhra University, Vignan, Al Ameer and Krishna college. There was also a brief discussion on electoral reforms necessary for corruption-free and crime-free politics. Sanjeevani activists, Abdul Azeez Shaik and Election Reddy, were impressed and energized by the level of interest and enthusiasm shown by the future leaders of Vizag. Overall, it should be said that the girls outshone the boys in participation. Some photographs from the event are below.

The Sanjeevani team wishes the youth of Vizag great success in using RTI and empowering others with this potent weapon. In the coming months, Sanjeevani will be expanding operations to serve more people in the districts. We are very excited about the upcoming projects and look forward to sharing the details with you.

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