Friday, June 18, 2010

Loksatta Times Magazine Rocks!!!

Our team is all over in the Loksatta Times Magazine latest edition.

We are proud to announce that a lot of activities that our group has worked on, are published in the official magazine.

Page 9 &10 : All our works. Also talks about the petition we had filed a month ago regarding the implementation of RTI act.
Page 16 & 17 : An article written by Srinivas Rao Ganji
Page 18 &19 : The bus stand event that we have completed successfully.
Page 19 : A simple poem written by our team member, Manasa Chamarthi. The subject she has chosen was, RTE (Right To Education )

Congratulations to the whole team,Manasa and special mention to Srinivas Garu for his hard work, dedication and determination to complete things on time.
I Thank you all for your continuous support and active participation in the events organized so far.

Please find below the link for the Loksatta Times Magazine,

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