Friday, June 4, 2010

RTI's on unclogging of Hussain Sagar Surplus nala

Dear All,

As monsoon season is nearing in couple of months, Hyderabadis may have to face the drainage related issues yet. There could be adverse affect with nalas which are going to inundate/flood the low lying areas. Spells of heavy rain can lead to huge quantities of water being discharged from the lake. This, in turn, will inundate at least 15 slums, bastis and even colonies which are downstream of the Hussainsagar.

Event : Monitoring cleaning/unclogging of Nalas and creating awareness among nearby residents
Date proposed as per the current plan : JULY
Nalas under interest : Hussain Sagar Surplus nals

Purpose : To clean/unclog the nalas to allow free flow of drainage water which is currently not happening due to lot of sloid sewage/garbage in these nalas.

Issues that we see currently :
  • Contractors - Not taking the responsibility of completing the work properly.
  • Wastage of public money : There are crores of rupees being spent by the govt' to clear these nalas every year. and yet, no proper action is being taken. It goes without saying that 'our' own money is wasted in this total sequence.
  • People of abutting apartments - There are some apartments abutting nala who throw their garbage directly into these nalas without any second thought !
  • Garbage collection Timings : People are not aware of the timings of the garbage collection and with this excuse ever ready, they are conveniently throwing the garbage into nalas right through their window.
Background :
The final solution for this issue is remodelling and widening of nalas which has been taken up by GHMC few years ago as per Kirloskar recommendations .However, they couldn't make much progress on this due to thousands of encroachments and political interventions.GHMC couldn't use the funds allocated by central government due to this encroachments and this work is pending for years.

Hence, they have come up with a temporary of nalas to allow free flow, in which we are taking part.

Action Plan :
  • Creating awareness in local people with contractor details, frequency of the work, amount beind paid to them, affect of diseases like Malaria.
  • Keeping them updated on garbage collection timings.
  • Following up with GHMC officials on monitoring the work.
RTIs Applied so far :
Additional Info : We are also attaching sample forms of RTI, along with this mail. If you see similar problems in your area, do not hesitate to work on it.Our team is at your service any time.

Team confirmed as of now : Azeez, Pradeep. Praveen, Subbu

Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this activity. Kindly confirm your registration. We will keep you all updated on this event.(Mail us on

Please join us( in these activities and let us all work for the betterment of society that we all dream of, every minute and every day.

Loksatta Sanjeevani
If you damn a river it stagnates. Running water is beautiful water. So be a channel.

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  1. This was the ideal time to read this tip. Now I'm off to unclog a drain! Thanks...