Friday, May 28, 2010

Sample RTI for sec4(1)(b) and sec4(1)(b) manual for Directorate of Health

Download the sample RTI to get sec 4(1)(b) manual and the RTI application we filed to receive the same for Directorate of Health department.

As per the section 4(1)(b) of RTI, every department must have a manual with following information,
  • Functions and Duties of the organization,
  • Budget allocations of the organization,
  • Organization structure,
  • Number of employees and their salaries,
  • Roles and responsibilities of every employee,
  • Schemes which are implemented by the department,
  • Beneficiaries of the schemes, e.t.c
(For more information on this section, please refer section 4(1)(b) of RTI act. There are 16 aspects to be present in this manual as per the RTI act)

All information related to that office or deparment has to be present in this manual and has to be uploaded in their respective website. In most of the websites, it is named as "Right to Information" or "RTI section 4(1)(b)" or "sec 4(1)(b) info".

It is also expected that the organization updates this information regularly, and as necessary.You can get few documents at following link of APIC(Andhra Pradesh Information Commission) website,

The main idea behind this is to have transparency,accountability in the system.
It helps the public to understand about each delapartment in the organization, with a quick glance through this document.

All the benefits said, it is surprising to know that only few departments have drafted/uploaded this manual. We are filing complaints and RTI's for the same and getting it done.

Recently, we have filed a RTI for the section 4(1)(b) document to "Directorate of Health" which is one of the head of the department in "Health, Medial and Family Welfare" deparment in Andhra Pradesh. Though it is a good sign that we got the document from them quickly, it is not yet uploaded in their website. We are working on it.

PS: Sec 4(1)(b) Manual of Directorate of Health has been uploaded here, please go through this to know function, duties and responsibilities of the deparment.

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  1. Sir we r from kadapa i want detailed information about user charges on RSR record in soft copy, so please inforn the price list,act and other conserned