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MGBS -Monitoring the registration procedures for shops

Dear All,

The war is declared yet again..and it goes on.. Until we see the Indian flag fly high in the sky ... until we see the Proud India..Developed India..which does not contain even the traces of corruption and injustice in it.

Yes, we fought against illegal business and corruption. While thousands of people visit MGBS ,Hyderabad to catch their bus to the destination, we visited it over the weekend, hoping that the event would take us to the times we are dreaming about. See more details below..

Event : Monitoring the registration n renewal procedures for shops at MGBS - Working with labour officials
Date  : 01 May April 2010
Place : MGBS, Hyderabad
Office(s) Involved : APSRTC and Labour department
Purpose :
  1. To make sure that stalls in Bus stand got registered and renewed every year with labour department
  2. To make sure that all employers/shop owners are providing benefits to employees as per the AP shops and establishments Act 1988
This will help us to generate revenue to government and protect the rights/welfare of the employees

Sections Used and Details :
  1. RTI Act 2005, section 6(I) gives the power to every individual to get the information from any public authority.
  2. RTI Act 2005, section 2(j)(II) says that every one has the right to get the certified copies of the desired data/files.
  3. As per AP shops and establishment act, sec 17, every shop owner/company has to be registered with Labor department and certain facilities has to be provided to employee
For more information on Labour department, please refer following site,

Procedure :
Anybody who would like to do this event in your city/town/mandal,
  1. File a RTI to the APSRTC requesting the information of all stalls(name of the stalls, monthly licence, ...) which are in your respective bus stations.
  2. File a RTI to the labour department requesting the information of stalls which are registered with Labour department as per AP shops and establishments Act.
  3. Compare both the information received and list out the shops which are in bus stands and not registered with labour department.
  4. File a complaint with labour department.
  5. File a RTI to labour department to request the status of above complaint
  6. File a RTI to commercial tax department for the taxes that are being paid by the shop owners.
  7. Compare the license fee of each stall from step1 and data from step6.
  8. If you find anything crunchy, please file a RTI to commercial tax department
Activities Done :
  1. Filed RTI with both deparments and got the required information.It is unbelievable to understand that ONLY 2 shops are registered with labor department out of 104 stalls in MGBS (Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, Hyderabad)
  2. Filed a complaint and the RTI to labour department
  3. Got a call from labour department that we can monitor them when they are doing registration of shops in MGBS .
  4. We as a team attended this program and monitored the whole procedure.
(LATEST on this : 24 shops are registred by EOD(End of the Day ) yesterday. We expect all the shops to be registered by the end of this week)

Advantages :
  1. Govt will get revenue if all these shops gets registered and renewed every year.
  2. Employee benefits from employer/shop owner.
  3. Employee must get appointment letter while joining.
  4. Employee can NOT be terminated without a valid reason.
  5. Working hours for an employee should only be 8 hours/ day or 48hours/week.
  6. There must be at least one weekly holiday for every employee.
  7. There must be minimum 9 national holidays for all employees.
  8. Casual leaves should be available to all the employees.
  9. Employee must get extra salary if he works onholidays.
  10. Employees who work for registered shop owners/company get some benefits from government as well (Like money for childrens marriage, scholarship for childrens education).There are many other benefits for employees, which are not known to all.
  11. We can catch illegal business owners who are not implementing above rules
  12. Organizations will now be more disciplined and the surprise visits by the responsible people will make every Govt. employee work diligently.
In a simple sentence " More disciplined, Transparent and Corruption free Society"

Our Team:
  1. Srinivas Rao Ganji
  2. Sumathi
  3. Devi Prasad
  4. Pradeep
  5. Uday Bhaskar
  6. Abdul Azeez
  7. Raghavendra.
Please find below the link for photos of the event,

All these attachments will also be uploaded at "files" section of this group.
Please join us in these activities and let us all work for the betterment of society that we all dream of, every minute and every day.

Thanks & Regards,
  Loksatta Party

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