Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on MGBS (Hyderabad Bus Terminal)

I hope everyone remember the SUCCESSFUL MGBS event details which we have posted a month ago.
We did not just stop at that, since we believe that erasing the problems right from the roots is the best solution.

So,Here is an interesting update on that event..

Current Issue : Similar work with Commercial department(who takes care of sales tax or VAT).

Information's gathered :
  1. As per the VAT act, every shop needs to be registered as TOT dealer if it annual turnover crosses 5lakhs.
  2. Worked with Commercial department,to understand that there are only two shops which are registered with commercial department
  3. Worked with APSRTC to understand that, the rent being paid by each shop owner ranges from thousands to 1.5lac. There are forty eight shops in MGBS which pays rent more than 5lacs every year and yet not registered as a TOT dealer.
Most of the shops' revenues are in lakhs every month. However, no VAT is being paid by these shop owners.

This has been the case for the past 16years!
Calculating the amount of corruption involved in all these years is left for reader's interest .

Actions Pipelined :
  1. We will be filing another complaint with the data that is ready with us now.
  2. Later,We will file RTI to get the status on the complaint, similar to what we did in Labour department.
Issues here :
  1. The main problem as we see, is the lack of co-ordination between various departments.
  2. Corruption at various levels.
  3. Negligence of shop owners.
  4. Irresponsibility of offices
We should be able to control all the above.

Please download the RTI and reply from sales tax department here.

For complete information won this, please refer this covering note.

Please find below the links for previous updates on this event.

Guys, please do the same event in your city/town/village, let us all fight against this corruption which is eating our children's and India's future.

All that we need is a simple RTI as a weapon to participate in this battle. Please do join us to bring a change in India.

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