Friday, July 2, 2010

Seating Arrangements Problem and a solution in busstops

What was the Problem? :

Every citizen who has visited the bus stations or bus stops knows the problem of seating arrangement which is insufficient by any standards. Also CC/BT pavements have to be provided in all bus stations at IN and OUT approaches and parking yards, which are clearly not being provided. Some such pavements, which started construction, also were left incomplete by the R.T.C.

What do rules say? :

A.P.S.R.T.C has announced that they will provide seating arrangements at all bus stations and bus stops for the convenience of passengers. They also have started the construction of CC/BT pavements, which were very essential. But they haven’t finished their construction. Also they haven’t provided the seating arrangements.

What have we done? :

We lodged a 30 point complaint, on 11-11-2009, to the R.T.C. in which we mentioned this problem clearly. Though, the officials didn’t show interest on the complaint, we made them take some action by filing an R.T.I application, on 14-12-2009 demanding the action taken report on our complaint lodged.

Actions taken:

The civil engineer, who has taken up the job, sent a reply on 30-1-2010, issuing the orders to the Executive engineer, to provide seating arrangements and CC/BT pavements on the IN and OUT approaches at bus stations. He also ordered to complete the incompletely constructed pavements.

This is the power of R.T.I that made R.T.C. issue orders on the facilities that they announced but have not implemented. If you think you too can fight for some good cause you are welcome. We are here to help you.

Please download Complaint, RTI and Replies here.


  1. nice... i wish you all good luck.

    i like the way you explain the problem, the solution and the action taken :)

    u guys rock!!!


  2. Absolutely you are correct. Now a day, this is the main problem for people who are going in bus. I wish you all success.