Friday, July 2, 2010

Misuses of CAT CARD

What was the problem? :

In district ordinary (Palle Velugu) service buses, the CAT Card holders, who travel from one place to another for job purposes, are misusing the CAT Card for their personal benefit. Instead of taking a single ticket for the whole journey they take number of tickets on the whole journey. This is to avail concession on each ticket for their gain. For example instead of buying a Rs. 30 ticket which gives them a Rs.3 concession, they take 6 Rs.5 tickets so that they get each ticket for Rs.3 and they get double the concession. This results in loss to R.T.C.

What do rules say? :

CAT card was introduced in order to benefit the card holders by providing some concession on their ticket fare. The persons who opt for CAT cards are generally those people who travel on a regular basis. But the concession on the ticket fare is to be limited to only once in the whole journey. But due to some miscommunication and loopholes in the rules of CAT card the CAT card holders are misusing their liberty for saving their money.

What have we done? :

We lodged a 30 point complaint, on 11-11-2009, to the R.T.C. in which we mentioned this problem clearly. Though, the officials didn’t show interest on the complaint, we made them take some action by filing an R.T.I application, on 14-12-2009 demanding the action taken report on our complaint lodged.

Actions taken:

The reply came on 25-01-2010 regarding the CAT card issue and they made certain fare revisions. They claimed that according to new fare revision they have restricted CAT card holders from performing break journey so that they cannot avail additional concession than they originally deserved.

This is the power of R.T.I which made R.T.C to revise and review their loopholes and even correct their mistake to save public money. Please come forward to fight against any such incidents that you come across every day. We are here to help you.

Please download Complaint, RTI and Replies here.

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