Friday, January 7, 2011

Call for volunteers

**** Call for volunteers for the weekend activity ****

This is a call for all enthusiastic volunteers to participate in event of educating the people below poverty line about the schemes which are beneficial for them.Loksatta Sanjeevani joins the hands with Kukatpally Loksatta team with a common aim to bring change in the lives of a lot of people.
Together, we are conducting an event on the implementation of Abhayahastam and Jana Shri Bheema Yojana schemes.

What are these schemes about :

Abhayhastam scheme is a pension plan and Jana Shri Bheema Yojana is a term insurance plan which is being implemented by government for BPL families.

However, very few people have registered for these schemes due to lack of awareness. Hence,we have taken up these schemes to create awareness among slums and will try to enable them to register under these schemes. Municipal officials are also participating in this event along with. We are sure that it will be a great experience for all the participants.

How can you help us :

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent opportunity for many of you who are willing to contribute your bit to the society. You can join us in the event, come to the slums, see the struggle that people in this country are going through and help them in a positive way.

As we divide people into groups, you can meet a set of people, educate them on how these schemes are going to be helpful to them. Bring awareness and make people use those schemes effectively.

Please do call our team member Praneeth @9849109540 or mailto: if you are interested to participate in this event.

Place: Moosapet Municipal Office
Date :08-01-2011
Time : 09:30AM to 04:00PM

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