Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Azeez and Sanjeevani featured in Eenadu article

Dear friends,

Being a part of Sanjeevani makes most of us feel special about ourselves.Abdul Azeez, the core team member of Loksatta Sanjeevani, says the same thing, as he is featured in a short article in A.P's leading news paper, Eenadu, on 17 - Jan - 2011.

Taking examples of people from different professional back grounds, this article appreacites all of them for their dedication and determination in taking time off their busy lives to serve the society in a great way.

"Sanjeevani made me realize that my dreams can come true. A lot of like minded people, working for a noble cause, will never fail. We will prove it very soon.
I feel honoured to be a part of this article, along with such great dedicated volunteers. I extend my thanks to the Sanjeevani team, and everybody who is supporting us in this journey."
, Abdul explains.

Congratulations, Abdul Azeez!!
Let us wish him and our very own Sanjeevani all the very best.

Loksatta Sanjeevani Team


  1. Congratulations and All the best!!

    can we get info on wat the fixed rate's are, so they dont fool the public

  2. Hi, Thank you very much for the support! Will check that out.