Thursday, January 13, 2011

500 RTI campaign - The Chief Information Commissioner responds

Dear Friends of Sanjeevani,

As most of you are already aware, following the mega event , the Sanjeevani team had met with the Chief Information Commissioner (AP), Mr. Jannat Hussain, to brief him about the results of our campaign on Section 4(1)(b). The team requested him to take the necessary action for ensuring compliance of the defaulting departments.

On 11-Jan-2011, Sanjeevani received an update that our findings and demands have been forwarded to the 'Special Chief Secretary to Government' for further actions. This is indeed fantastic news for all of us - to know that our voice is being heard and progress is being made. We will keep you all posted on further developments. A copy of the response is below the fold, for your reference.

Sanjeevani Team

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