Sunday, November 7, 2010

Need volunteers for Sanjeevani's literature team

*************** Call for volunteers ***************
We are calling for volunteers to join the literature team of Loksatta Sanjeevani. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the nitty-gritty of Loksatta's fight against corruption and to interact closely with the zealous activists who wage the everyday battle. It is also a chance to exercise your interest and flair for writing and translations.

Your contributions will be an important service that will be of immediate and long term benefit to both Sanjeevani activists and the wider public. In addition, your work, duly acknowledged by us, will be read by 500 plus members of Sanjeevani googlegroup, several thousand subscribers to Loksatta Times magazine, and by an even larger number who regularly visit the respective websites. Our work has been receiving increasing coverage in mainstream media as well.

The list of writing-related activities is below. Please pick the ones you would be most interested in and let us know. We will then identify a suitable and specific action item for you right away. In all of these activities, members of Sanjeevani's technical and literature teams will provide you with raw material, contacts and assistance as required.

1) Writeups for email and blogposts on various Sanjeevani activities. These are in the form of announcements, updates and roundups. This is most important for disseminating information about not only the reasons, successes and learnings of Sanjeevani campaigns but also about the tremendous power of RTI for truly practical and tangible change.

2) Conducting and transcribing interviews of Sanjeevani activists. These can be done via phone or email. The interviews can be posted on the blog and used to prepare profiles of the activists. This will encourage the activists by giving them validation and recognition, and also help the wider public know them better.

3) Translation of articles from English to Telugu and vice versa for Lok Satta Times magazine. This is an important activity since many of the citizens who will greatly benefit from our work only understand Telugu and it is a well known that they are intimidated by transactions that are in English. In fact this is widely exploited by government officials as a tool for corruption.

4) Documentation of information received from all government departments and preparation of concise and easy to understand powerpoint slides. These will be critical weapons for activists working in the field all over the state to push the right buttons with irresponsible or corrupt officials and lower level public servants.

5) Preparation of training material based on the above material for use in training sessions for new activists. This reusable resource will help train a large number of activists all over the state to make the movement truly distributed and wide ranging.

6) Drafting fortnightly articles for Lok Satta Times magazine on the several 'Beneficiary schemes' of the government. These articles will spread awareness for curbing rampant corruption in the form of embezzlement of funds and improper allocation and ensure that the intended benefeciaries are actually served.

The policies regarding acknowledgement and ownership :

i) All our articles will be submitted in the name of Loksatta Sanjeevani, which is a part of Loksatta.

ii) Due credit will be given to author or authors, in case of significant inputs from more than one person.

iii) In cases where some material might be used/re-used without acknowledgement, prior permission of authors will be sought.

iv) You are welcome to repost the articles on your personal website/blog, by first giving links to the posting on the Loksatta Sanjeevani blog.
If you are interested and know that you have this talent within you, please write back to us @
Alternatively, you can mail Sundeep Pattem ( or Manasa Chamarthi ( ) for any further queries or information. We look forward for your response.

Courtesy: Sundeep Pattem

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