Saturday, November 13, 2010

@Vijetha Degree College - RTI Session

Dear All,

Sanjeevani team believes that the youth in country should understand the importance of most effective tool given to them by the government and make use of it to kill the corruption in the society.

If we can educate the youth about the advantages of RTI and the way we need to use it, we can definitely hope for a better future. With this in mind, on 12-Nov-2010 Sanjeevani has conducted it's next RTI session at Vijetha Degree College, Kukatpally.

Mr. Abdul Azeez Shaik, volunteer from Sanjeevani Team and Mr. Sambi Reddy Bonthu, volunteer from Loksatta Kukatpally team have taken the sessions at the college today, on 12-11-2010.

Around 200 students participated in these sessions and followed them with great interest. The sessions exceeded the pre-agreed time as few of the students came forward with few questions. The volunteers helped to clarify their queries after the session.

The back ground of RTI, the overview of RTI act, how that helps the common man, how it helps the students, and few success stories were shared with the participants. Each step of RTI filing process has been explained in detail and some tips were shared too.

The college management has been extremely supportive and suggested few points for improvement as well.
We appreciate the management for the support, and thank them for the oppurtunity provided.

If you are willing to arrange for RTI sessions in your own college, or in and around Hyderabad , or if you have any suggestion, please do write to us :

Sanjeevani Team

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