Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome to the World of Hopes - Welcome to Loksatta Sanjeevani Team!

Dear All,

A warm welcome to the world of Loksatta Sanjeevani.. !!

Loksatta Sanjeevani team is born to make this society a better place to live, by fighting against every evil force that is stopping/controlling the growth of this country in one way or the other. It has already started it's challenging journey and becoming strong with each passing day, with it's strong planning to conduct events, meticulous execution and dedicated team members.

Being a part of this team, you will be receiving updates every week, about the activities taken up over the weekend. At regular intervals, you will also see the progress/follow-ups on the events organized in earlier weeks. The procedure followed for each event will also be attached to the mail, so that you can implement the same in your area/city/district. The success stories, interesting experiences will be shared with you all.

While we all dream of "Developed India" , only a selected few work for it. And it is up to the individual to choose whether to be a part of 'working' or 'dreaming' group.
Am sure a lot of us wanted to work for it, and have even tried but terribly failed. Many of us have lost the hope that they can ever bring some change - An useful change. Corruption being the most dangerous devil scaring the crowd around, people have given up! and now, majority is bounded to be in the 'DREAMING' team, though the passion is still burning within!!
Loksatta Sanjeevani is formed to change this very situation. We are here to revive the hopes!!
Let us believe in the power that is handed over to us. Let us believe in RTI.
Come on, now, let's join the hands to say it all again, aloud "YES, We can!! "

If you would like to participate/contribute to any of the activities, you can always contact one of the two contact numbers given below.
We will be more than happy to work with you.

Contacts : Abdul Azeez Shaik  (; Manasa Chamarthi ( )

Warm Regards,
 Loksatta Sanjeevani
There is nothing wrong with the change, if it is in the right direction

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