Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inspection of Allopathic Medical Care Establishments

What is the biggest asset for anybody in this world?
I know each one of you will come up with your own answers. After all, the answer is dependent on the personal interest. but,
as a famous quote says " Arogyame Mahabhagyam". This means that, A person with good health is the wealthiest in this world.

With so much importance given to 'health', we the team of Loksatta CHC(Citizen Help Centre) decided to rediscover the unfolded facts in the society, and visited some Allopathic Medical Care Establishments (Hospitals/Nursing Homes, Clinics/Consultation Rooms, Poly Clinics, Diagnostic Centers, Physiotherapy Units, Dental Clinics/Hospitals etc.) and wanted to bring to limelight the unseen facts of many Corporate Hospitals and clinics. Complete details below.

Event : Inspection of Allopathic Medical Care Establishments
Date : 27th Feb,2010
Office(s) Visited: Nearly 25 Private Medical Hospitals
Purpose : To make sure that all the hospitals are registered with DMHO(District Medical and Health Office)and fees charged for various ailments are displayed (local language) by the hospital authorities at the reception counters

Govt. Orders Used and Details: As per the G.O.Ms. No. 135, dt.28th April, 2007, H,M&FW (K2) Dept. all the Allopathic hospitals and clinics are to be registered to their respective DMHO(District Medical and Health Office). Also it is expected in each hospital that all the Fees charged for various services should be displayed (local language) by the hospital authorities at the reception counters.

Procedure : Please visit LoksattaSanjeevani@googlegroups to know detailed procedure of the event and check the attached file for the steps to follow

Activities Done:

1) Verified whether each hospital is registered with GMHO or not
2) Verified whether they are displaying the charges of all the services offered, at the reception, in the local language.
3)Reviewed whether the hospital equipment is upto the mark or not ( As per the rules)

Advantages :
1. A hospital registered with DMHO is supposed to have a pre-defined equipment to build and set up a hospital. Hence, by checking this, we will understand whether they are following the rules or not.

2. Registered hospitals will make sure that only genuine doctors are providing medical services.

3. By making sure that they are displaying all the charges at the reception, This will give the public a choice to choose the hospital based on their financial criteria.

4. This will also restrict the hospital management to fix the prices for services and will not give a chance to demand money as much as they can.

5. In other words, "More desciplined, healthy, and a corruption free society

Results So far : Please find the results of the event – The actions taken, the responses we received in the paper-clippings.

Team Participated :Srinivas Rao Ganji, Abdul Azeez, Pradeep Dandu, Kishore and Kiran

All these attachments are uploaded at "files" section of LoksattaSanjeevani google group.

Please join us in these activities and let us all work for the betterment of society that we all dream of, every minute and every day.

Warm Regards,
 Loksatta CHC
There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.

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