Saturday, September 11, 2010

@Pragathi Degree College - RTI Session

Volunteers from Loksatta Kukatpally and Sanjeevani joined their hands to conduct RTI sessions in the colleges in and around kukatpally.

Keeping in mind that the youth of this country should be aware of the most powerful weapon handed over to them, and should know how to use it, volunteers have gone ahead with the event planner.

Sambireddy Bontu has taken care of the initial formalities like reaching out to various colleges, getting permissions etc.The responses from the colleges have been very positive and it is indeed a good sign that a lot of principals readily agreed to arrange for sessions in their colleges.

On  09-11-2010  RTI awareness session has been conducted in Pragathi Womens Degree College (Kukatpally,Hyd).Abdul Azeez and Sambi Reddy Bonthu have taken the sessions for different batches and they received a fantastic response.

The topics like : What is RTI, the basics and back ground, how it has been helpful to general public, few success stories of RTI, sample application forms, and what is expected from students etc are covered in today's session.

Students seem to be highly motivated and as an answer to organizer's question at the end of the session, they promised aloud that they will not bribe people going forward.

Sanjeevani hopes that these sessions will indeed bring some change in the attitude of all those students, and wishes for a bright future.If you are willing to arrange for RTI sessions in your own college, or in and around Hyderabad , or if you have any suggestion, please do write to us :

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